Individual or family subscription options

Access level subscription:

One year's access to the ULAT website's lessons, videos and tests = $35.00 USD

Test correction and feedback option:

Two year's access to the ULAT, plus the evaluation of the 30 tests comprising the essential elements of one year's course of study (Spanish I or French I or Spanish II or French II, etc.). Students can take up to two years to complete all 30 tests corresponding to one year's course of study. After each test, students registering for the test correction and feedback option* will receive their score on the test in question, the record of their cumulative course grade and feedback from the instructor regarding the types of mistakes to be addressed. (Click HERE to see more details regarding exactly how this course takes place.) = $180.00 USD

*Please note that the test correction and feedback option's cost is per person. The entire family is welcome to make use of the ULAT lessons, however the test correction and feedback is for one of its members.

Beginning with the ULAT

Because of the ULAT's unconventional approach to language instruction, and to ensure that a strong oral foundation is laid before the introduction of the written language, please note that it is only possible for students to begin at the first year level. In other words, despite prior instruction using other world language curriculum, all students must start their ULAT studies in the first year program.

Access, cancellation and refunds

The $35 subscription fee for access to the ULAT website is not refundable. As for the $180 Test Correction and Feedback option, up to $145 (the non-access portion) can be refunded to students if they decide to cancel their participation in the course within two years of their original subscription. The refund equals $145 times the percentage of those tests for which the student has already received feedback. For example, if a student only completed and received feedback for 10 tests before cancelling his or her involvement, the student would receive a refund of 75% of the $145, which would be ($145 x .75) = $108.75.