What are the benefits of using the ULAT program?

1.As extensive feedback has indicated, the ULAT genuinely trains students to speak the target language, and not merely to read, write and analyze it, placing them well above their peers in oral expression upon reaching the college level of studies. In large measure, this is because of the ULAT curriculum's respect for the "natural language acquisition sequence".

2.Using the ULAT's online language program is far superior and less expensive than using a textbook.

3.The ULAT contains an extensive teacher training section.

4.The ULAT provides instructions for students as to what daily lessons to perform, thus providing guidance to independent study or homeschooled students, as well as those in a classroom during their instructor's absence.

5.The ULAT provides teachers with daily lesson plans (click to see a sample) as well which are hyperlinked to suggestions as to how to carry out the activities in the lesson.

6.The ULAT provides teachers with tests (click to see a sample) and guides (click to see a sample) explaining how to evaluate them.

7.With over 500 videos (click to see a sample) on Youtube, the ULAT provides many hours of video instruction.