I can't get the ULAT to work on my IPad:

The ULAT is compatible with wireless devices depending on the speed of the Internet connection. However, because of the vast number of images and sound files to be downloaded with each lesson, the ULAT functions best when used on a desktop computer connected directly to the Internet via a cable. However, most importantly, the ULAT's first 15 lessons are available for you to try out free of charge, not just so that you can learn what its lessons are like, but also so that you can test out its functioning on your different devices.

A lesson's sounds won't play:

The ULAT's lessons contain many pictures which serve as links to sound. All of these images must first load before clicking on them will play a sound. If you click too soon, before all of the images have loaded, the sound will not play. Wait until all of the lesson's images have loaded and are visible in their entirety before clicking on one to hear its sound. If after doing this, the sound still will not play, simply push the "F5" key at the top of your keyboard to refresh your page and clicking on the images should then play the sounds you need to hear. If this problem repeats itself, refresh the page again and wait until you can see that the lesson has entirely loaded.