Why Use the ULAT?

First of all, the ULAT actually works because it respects the natural language acquisition sequence (listening to speaking to reading to writing).

Secondly, the ULAT is far less expensive and far more pedagogically sound than traditional curriculum.

Thirdly, the ULAT has readings appropriate for both the public and private school environments - specifically making reading selections from the Bible one of the options available with each new reading assignment.

The first video above is a discussion of a reading taken from an episode of "The Richardson Family" stories, dealing with a fictional American family living overseas. As such, it is called an "interaction video" as the teacher stops the video and allows students the time to respond after each question. The second video you see above is a presentation of the sixth day of Creation found in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This oral presentation accompanies a reading on the same topic that also includes phonics exercises.