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Yearly schedule Planner

Whether you are a world language teacher or a homeschooling parent, if it would help you to plan out the entire year of your students' language studies, you can do this by downloading the appropriate yearly schedule workbook and then by following the directions below:

Download the "Yearly schedule Planner - Year 1" by clicking HERE.

Download the "Yearly schedule Planner - Year 2" by clicking HERE.

    1. Download and then open the "Yearly schedule Planner" above corresponding to your student's year of language studies.

    2. By looking in the lower left-hand corner of the Excel workbook, you will notice that this workbook contains two worksheets. One is entitled "Schedule" and the other "Contents". By clicking on "Contents", you can see the day number of each class, the lessons covered on that day, the topics dealt with on each day and the days on which tests are scheduled to be taken. By clicking on "Schedule" you return to the worksheet within which you will establish the yearly schedule specific to your own school year. The "Contents" worksheet can be modified at any time, if you see a reason to do so. The "Schedule" worksheet, however, contains formulas within many of its cells and, to ensure that it always works properly, you will not be allowed to modify most of its cells.

    3. Go to the "Schedule" worksheet and enter the date of the Monday of the first week of classes (even if school does not begin on that Monday).

    4. In column "A", change the digit "1" to a "0" (zero) next to the date of the first day of classes.

    5. Also in column "A", delete the digit "1" next to the date of any day on which class will not take place, such as for national holidays, school vacations or any other similar reason for class not to be held. (For homeschool groups that only meet once per week, for example, only delete the "1" for any day on which students in the group are not expected to be doing their studies.)

    6. At this point, your schedule should be complete. Contact The ULAT if you need this workbook modified in any way to better suit your particular needs.