DAY NO. 18

  1. Watch the following video to watch once again the instructor's self-presentation based on the pictures found in the last section of lesson 1.12:

  2. Click HERE to return to lesson 1.12 and perform the activities in sections 6 through 8. Be aware that the wording in the video following the oral presentation test, found in the final section of this lesson, is only one example of what students might say about themselves in their own presentation. For their oral presentation, which they will do in the next class, all that matters is that they convey as much informationa about themselves in the allotted time. The pictures are only there to remind them of topics about which they are able to speak. They can speak about them in any order they choose and can skip any of them that they would like.

Next class: Learning polite conversational expressions


Classroom teachers, click HERE to view and to print a lesson plan for today's class.


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