DAY NO. 86

  1. Click HERE to take test 2.2.

  2. Click HERE to go to lesson 2.4. Select the reading of your choice, or the one indicated by your instructor, and perform the activities found there. As you watch the initial videos, you will be learning both the alphabet and the phonics system of the language you are learning. Be sure to click on the highlighted syllables in the reading so as to reinforce your understanding of the language's phonics system. If you have an instructor, be prepared to discuss the content of the reading with him or her, which will oblige you not only to do the reading, but also to learn the new vocabulary. VERY IMPORTANT! Do not try to do the reading aloud. Just listen to it. You will begin reading aloud toward the end of Unit 2.

Next class: Reading instruction - Phonics 3 and the third part of your reading selection


Classroom teachers, click HERE to view and to print a lesson plan for today's class.


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